Our team

We practice the traditional functions of counsel, representation and assistance of our clients (individuals or entities), in all specific areas of law. When necessary, we can organise teams of several lawyers dealing with all the different issues involved in the case at hand.

Maurice Harari

Pierre Martin-Achard

Matteo Pedrazzini

Julie Vaisy

Catherine Hohl-Chirazi

Corinne Corminboeuf Harari

Laurent Baeriswyl

Delphine Jobin

Véronique Meichtry

Aude Peyrot

Carmela Gökok

Marc Hochmann Favre

Jessica Cornacchia

Aylin Güney King

Camilla Natali

Ludivine Delaloye

Trainee Lawyers

  • Leïla Ménétrey
  • Charlotte Frey
  • Aldric Bourgeade